Get legal advise quickly by telephone or arrange an in person appointment.  Pay for only the time you need.

Represent yourself with Ms. Aloe’s guidance and get your Court Forms professionally completed, flat rate packages available that include 1 hour of legal advice specific to your situation.

Get your child support payments adjusted if your income has changed.  Ms. Aloe can also help with Family Responsibility Office matters, including suspension of license & warrant of committal motions.

  Have a separation agreement drafted.  Flat rate pricing or pay with a legal aid certificate.

Get a Last Will & Testament drafted, a Living Will or Power of Attorney.  Ms. Aloe can also assist with probate and distributing assets of an estate.

Do - It - Yourself With Ms. Aloe's Help. It's Never Been Easier!

Save on legal fees.  No Hidden Costs. 

Discuss your situation with Ms. Aloe and decide together the least expensive and best course of action for you and your family.

Schedule appointment from any device.
Do what's best. Negotiate a Separartion Agreement
Get a Will to set out your wishes.
Lessen the stress. Get your court forms completed.

Get A Separation Agreement

A separation agreement is a legally binding contract.  The Family Responsibility Office can also enforce the child and spousal support terms in a separation agreement.  

Take advantage of the flat rate packages.  The most popular package includes 1 hour of legal advice.  Or if you qualify for legal aid you can pay with a legal aid separation agreement certificate. 

Get Legal Advice

Get your legal questions answered.  Know your rights about child support, custody, and access.  Find out how to get your child support adjusted.

Telephone appointments available for any duration of time. 

Have a single question?  Pay for only the time you need.

Save on Legal Fees.

Get Your Court Forms Completed

Have your court forms filled out professionally at a flat rate.  Packages are available for starting a case or replying to a case.  All packages include 1 hour of legal advice specific to your situation.


Get a Co-Habitation or PreMarital Agreement

A co-habitation agreement is a written agreement between you and your common-law partner which can be made before or while you are living together.  It can define how you will deal with issues while you are living together or when you separate.  A premarital contract is similar except that it is entered into prior to marriage.

Get a Last Will & Testament

A Will is a legal written document that expresses a persons’ wishes as to how their property is to be distributed after their death and it should name who will be the trustee, often referred to as the executor.  A trustee or executor is the individual who will be put in charge of settling the deceased person’s final affairs.   Trust provisions for minor children should also be addressed along with wishes regarding guardianship of minor children.    

Get a Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document in which another person or organization is appointed to manage the grantor’s property, finances or medical care.  It is often drafted as part of an individual’s estate plan in the event they become unable to manage their affairs prior to their death.


What People Are Saying

Tom A.

“Ms. Aloe was great .  She explained my legal rights and helped me to adjust my child support.  I represented myself and saved alot of money.”

Elisabeth A.C.

“I needed a Will and Power of Attorney’s drafted.  Ms. Aloe was professional and reasonably priced.  Everything was completed quickly.”

Christine W.

“I bought the separation agreement package.  Ms. Aloe gave me an hour of legal advice and then she drafted a full separation agreement.  After a few negotiated edits my ex signed it.  Great service.”

Focus on what's important and move forward with Ms. Aloe's assistance.


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