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  • When your income changes your child support payments should also be adjusted. If you have a court order that states you must pay a certain amount of child support you will have to file court forms and attend court to have your payments changed. If you have a separation agreement then the separation agreement can be amended on consent without the necessity of attending court.


  • The Family Responsibility Office ("FRO" for short) enforces child support obligations and takes enforcement measures when child support falls into arrears. FRO may suspend a payor's drivers license or bring a motion to have them put into jail. This makes it vital for a payor to change their child support obligations if their income decreased before they have substantial arrears and FRO begins their enforcement actions.

    Often when a payor's income has decreased child support arrears can be adjusted with the result that the payor's license is re-instated by FRO and no period of incarceration is served.

Get help adjusting your child support payments


If you qualify for legal aid you could be issued a legal aid certificate for a separation agreement or a certificate for mediation.  To apply for legal aid call 1-800-668-8258.


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