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  • Circumstances over time may change resulting in a former spouse or partner seeking to vary their initial Court order or separation agreement. A prerequisite to seeking a modification is that a significant change since the making of the original order or agreement has occurred. Once that hurdle is met a determination must be made as to whether the change requested is justified.
  • Variations may be sought for many reasons:
  • Substantial changes in income
  • A parent may wish to re-locate a substantial distance away from the access parent or move out of province
  • The children may be older and the prior custody, access or support arrangements may no longer be suitable
  • Other circumstances may have arisen that affects the former spouses ability to pay support, parent or spend time with the children
  • New relationships of one or both of the former spouses may be a reason for variation

Get Help With Changing Your Court Order Or Agreement

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If you qualify for legal aid you could be issued a legal aid certificate to change your court order, a certificate for a separation agreement or  mediation.  To apply for legal aid call 1-800-668-8258.


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